Headache is usually related with discomfort and pain in the head, neck and jaw. Serious causes are very rare and mostly they get better with lifestyle changes, relaxation methods with physical activity and sometimes taking medications.

Most common (tension type) headache is caused by tight muscles in the shoulders, neck, and jaw. It’s also related to stress, depression, head injury and postural problems. The pain is dull or squeezing and muscles in the shoulders, neck and jaw may feel tight or sore.

Physiotherapists use a variety of methods that are non-invasive and can be free of the side-effects that are associated with drugs.

After determining the cause of your headache, our physiotherapists will use a number of techniques and methods to treat the problem. We use mobilisation and manipulation of the joints and muscles in the neck. The physiotherapist will suggest exercises that will help with muscle function and rehabilitation and they will also give advice on correcting posture.

Trust your physiotherapist!