HUR fitness equipment is designed to accomodate the fact that everybody is different. It uses a pneumatic system called “Natural Transmission” that matches the body’s natural muscular movement.

The result is safer, more effective exercise for people of all ages and abilities including regular exercisers, seniors, those with acute or chronic impairments, athetes, disabled and young children.

Exercise is made safer with HUR’s Natural Transmission system that uses air resitance to overcome the additional effort required to lift a static weight at the beginning of an exercise and to slow it down at the end.
Maintaining a more consistent resistance profile reduces stress on vulnerable joints and connective tissues. It makes the movement feel ‘smoother’ and easier to execute.

HUR includes such safety features as range limiters, additional hand grips, release function and a zero resistance option to facilitate passive and assisted mobilisation allowing rehabilitation to start as easly as possible after sugery of injury, or on an ongoing basis for patients with permanent impairments, of course under physiotherapist supervision.

Use HUR rehabilitation workout to:

  • maintain and increase your muscle strenght;
  • prepare your body for intense loads in daily or sport activities;
  • correct functional postural changes and deformities;
  • regain muscle strenght  and endurance after injury, surgery or prolonged imobilisation;
  • increase your strenghts and endurance when suffering chronic back pain - don’t be afraid to workout extremities!