Mobile Physiotherapy Department (MFD) is a team of physiotherapists providing physiotherapy services at home, hospitals, nursing centers, workplace, etc. (Riga) MFD services are used by patients with neurological disorders (stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal patients, etc.) as well as oncology, rheumatology patients and patients with severe traumas. Patient's health and functional status assessment (includes the patient's medical history and factors affecting the respiratory and cardiovascular system support - movement apparatus) is assessed at home conditions (workplace, hospital etc.)

Patients and clients who want to stay home as long as possible or to prevent hospitalization, or simply needs regular attention to stay and feel independent, active and comfortable, the MFD will be the most appropriate service and choice. We help patients to achieve the highest possible level of their activity.

After the first physiotherapist’s visit patients are provided with the necessary physiotherapy treatment using physiotherapy technologies - therapeutic exercises, massage, physical procedures,  patient’s positioning, improvement and maintenance of joint mobility and stability, muscle function and balance restoration or maintenance of posture and gait correction or maintenance of daily activities, educational work with patients and their relatives: positioning, ergonomics training, training of daily functional activities - movements, environmental adaptation of the patient's needs as well as psychological support, mobility aids choice (wheelchair, walking frames, etc.) and purchase options as well as the proper use of training, and consulting about work and living environment factors.

The following process is goal oriented therapy and prevention, realization of the plan made by interdisciplinary rehabilitation team members (information on patient acquisition, treatment plan preparation, documentation of the process of therapy, the patient's further care organization).

Considering the patient's health and functional status, it is decided how often and how long a patient will need physical therapy. Usually it takes: 2 - 3 times a week; once a week as a preventive measure, but other physical therapy services are needed even 5 times a week.

We take care of our patients!

We provide MFD Service 48 - 72 hours after your phone call.